High Carb Potato Power Bowl

I love potatoes. I love potatoes of all kinds. Fries, mashed, baked, hashbrowns, scalloped, roasted, BBQ’d. You get the picture. To me potatoes are a staple item. They are extremely filling and satisfying. I can remember when I tried restrictive dieting, I would be scared of eating potatoes because I thought they were too starchy … Continue reading High Carb Potato Power Bowl

Vegan Chow Mein 

I am OBSESSED with the recipe, it tastes basically exactly like chow mein from a Chinese restaurant.  BUT without the animal cruelty and MSG. I love this recipe becuase its super quick and easy which makes it great for weeknights when you may not have as much time or energy to cook.  Its super versatile … Continue reading Vegan Chow Mein